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Hangman's Noose
Each Hangman game uses a different set of words.

Choose your game and try not to hang yourself!.

All 50 U.S. states, along with their capital cities, are included in this game.

U.S. States and Capitals

Over 190 countries of the world are available in this Hangman game.

Countries of the World

More than 200 Colorado cities appear in this game, most of which you've probably never encountered.

Colorado Cities

Missouri Cities will test your wits, as you wade through up to 270 towns.

Missouri Cities

The AKC Dog Breed game contains over 140 different breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

AKC Dog Breeds

ESPN's top 100 athletes of the century appear in this game.

ESPN Top 100 Athletes (not all human!)

This game is comprised of words judged to be appropriate for elementary education. Don't think it will be too easy, though!

Elementary Vocabulary Words (easier)

Here is the first of two games using words from an SAT study guide. Are you up to this one?

SAT Vocabulary Words (harder)

Here is the second of two games using words from an SAT study guide. Will you survive?

SAT II Vocabulary Words (harder)

This game is a hodgepodge of all kinds of words in all kinds of categories. Some are hard and some are easy. You decide which is which.

Hodgepodge of All Kinds of Words