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The Matriarch

We are more fortunate than most families. Not for any reason that is obvious to those gazing in from the outside. For there are not any physical or material traits that set our family apart from others. What we do have that makes our family more fortunate is our family matriarch.

Who is this woman positioned at the head of our family? Though she is but one person, she has accumulated many titles over time. The youngest simply call her Granny. To some, she is Grandma. To still others, she is Mom. This woman performs many roles, and she fulfills each superbly. This woman is Ester.

The contributions Ester makes to our family are priceless and immeasurable. With so much instability prevalent today, she is an anchor in a rough sea. Her faith in God has stood the test of time. She inspires us with her character and her faith. This is a woman of high integrity and morality. She is able to accept others, not for what they are, but for who they are.

How has this lady been able to have such an impact on so many? By devoting so much of her time and energy to others. By opening up her home to others for so many years. From the grandchildren who spent so much time with her, to the long-time friends who still visit today, she has made a lasting impression.

Even today, with our family so dispersed, she often takes the time to make personal visits. When that is not possible, we are in her thoughts and prayers. A letter or card will arrive. The phone will ring. Whatever the method, she reveals genuine concern.

Ester's impact on our family is impossible to measure. Her benevolence is genuine and limitless. It is easy for us to take for granted how lucky we are. Because the entire time we have been part of this family, the only way we have ever visualized our family is with Ester in her place of influence.

written December 1995

As a Tribute to My Grandmother

May 10, 1908 - September 18, 1997