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My Special Son

There is a little boy at our house,
He's barely two years old,
He has such long eyelashes,
And his hair is like pure gold.

He's such a handsome little boy,
God gave him many charms,
But God forgot to do one thing -----
You see-- he has no arms.

No arms to hug my neck real tight,
Which makes my heart ache so,
No hands to pick up toys , and play
Like other boys I know.

He has two teen-age brothers,
Who help him every day,
His Daddy loves him deeply,
And takes time out to play.

We'll be his arms, we'll be his hands,
We'll wipe away his tears,
We'll show him kindness mixed with love,
And chase away his fears.

He's such a special little boy,
He's not like any other,
You ask me why I feel this way?
It's because ---- I AM HIS MOTHER.

written by Mary in 1973
about her special son, Timothy